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What is hydroseeding
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What is Hydroseeding - Cape Cods Hydroseeding Specialist

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What is Hydroseeding


There are reasons hydro seeding works so well. The seed is suspended in a nutrient rich mulch. The contact of the seed   with the water in machine triggers the germination cycle. The  mulch layer seals in the moisture, and holds the soil in  place. The seed is at an ideal depth for good results. The conditions are right to produce a lush green lawn in very short time. 
Hydro seeding is a one step application. Mulch, seed, fertilizer and special growing amendments are evenly distributed in the sprayed material.

   Best Season To Hydroseed: Late August to early fall.  Weather conditions make for perfect growing conditions. Cooler weather and higher moisture conditions allow fewer and less watering.:

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding (or hydraulic mulch seeding, hydro-mulching, hydraseeding) is a planting process which utilizes a slurry of seed.   The slurry is transported in a tank, either truck or trailer mounted and sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer; Hydroseeding is an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed.   It promotes quick germination and inhibits soil erosion. 

  The mulch in the hydroseed mixture helps maintain the moisture level of the seed and seedlings. The slurry often 

has other ingredients including fertilizer, tackifying agents, green dye and other additives.

    Hydroseeding is used to seed grass on comm
ercial sites, (highways/motorways etc.), golf courses, lawns and areas too large, inaccessible or unsuitable for conventional methods. Starting a lawn by hydroseeding is considerably cheaper than laying
/turf and quicker than using seed.  It is also used to spread mixtures of wildflowers.          




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Hydroseeding has become a widely used alternative to the more traditional method of sowing dry seeds and then laying down mulch as a separate top layer. There are two major benefits to hydroseeding: rapid sprouting and growth of seeds, and the prevention of soil erosion. One of the most common applications of hydroseeding is the reclamation of burned land, such as in the aftermath of a wildfire. In that case, the hydroseeding process may simply lay down a layer of soil stabilizer in order to curb erosion and prevent the introduction of non-indigenous v| BobCat Services | Excavator Services Land clearing Services All Services |


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Hydroseeding is a planting procedure that employs the use of hydraulic equipment to disperse a thick suspension, or slurry, of seeds, mulch, and water. The slurry is dispersed over the ground by use of a sprayer tank that is typically transported by truck or trailer to the location. Hydroseeding first appeared commercially in the United States in the early 1950s and quickly spread to the United Kingdom and 

 The sprouting and early growth of seeds, or germination, is sped up in hydroseeding due to the high moisture level retained by the mulch in the slurry mixture. Depending on the application, fertilizers can be introduced to the slurry to further promote crop health and to encourage quick growth. The process of hydroseeding has all but replaced traditional methods in the seeding of large commercial locations, such as highways, golf courses, and new housing developments where the native landscape has been mostly razed. As hydroseeding is a one-step process, the manpower expense is considerably less than the traditional dry seeding, mulch, and water approach, or even the laying of sod or turf.
For homeowners, the benefits of hydroseeding are manifold. The results are quick; depending on climate, grass can appear on a barren lawn inside of a week of hydroseeding. The slurry mixture used for residential hydroseeding is green, which looks much more attractive than the traditional straw mulch used to protect a dry seeding. Straw also contains a high weed seed content; the hydroseeding slurry does not. In addition, straw mulch leaches nitrogen from the soil during decomposition, which can compromise future lawn health.
The laying of sod has traditionally been the method of choice for tract housing developers, but has been largely replaced by hydroseeding in recent years. Sod is expensive, and it doesn't always take. It's not uncommon to see sod that's been down for a year or more to appear as if it could be rolled up like a carpet and carted away intact. In contrast, this risk is practically non-existent with hydroseeding.